8 steps to making your dream come True

Have you had a dream for a while but don’t now where to start to achieve it?  Are you too busy with what is going on in every day life to even consider that your dream might actually come true on day?  Well, you CAN make it happen!


Here’s how to start…..

1.  Talk about it.

It’s really that simple!  What you talk about, you bring about!  So get those thoughts out of your head and share your dream with others.  Especially if you plan on someone else being involved in it with you (like your spouse, for example)  Talk to your friends about it.  Even if you know your dream isn’t something they would want to do that’s fine.  They aren’t doing it….YOU are!!!


2.  Research it.

This is the fun part.  The internet is a great place to find out about anything, of course!  I like to look up articles on Pinterest when I am thinking about my dream.


Facebook and other social media are also great places to get information.  Join a group with your same interest.  If possible, get involved with the group.  If there are physical events related to the group try to go to them and meet others with your same interest who might be living your dream!  They are usually excited to share their successes and trials with you!


3.  Physically experience it or witness it.

Physically experience or wtness your dream in action.  If your dream is to try a new lifestyle like full time RVing, buy, rent or borrow an RV and take a short local trip.


If your dream is to start a new business, visit a similar business to inspire yourself.  Watch other people who share your dream to get inspired!  If your dream is to work less or quit your job to spend more time with your grandkids, take a weeks’s vacation and try it out!!!


4.  Make a financial plan.

A dream usually requires a financial plan.  Get a notebook and write out all of the scenarios so you can compare them.  How much money will I need?  What expenses will I have?  How will I finance it?  What will be my income sources?  How much will I be bringing in?


5.  Get your family on board

At first your family may not jump on your dream bandwagon. Don’t give up!  Keep talking to them about it.  Give them time to soak it in.  Take them to a place to let them see your dream in person.  Years ago, my husband and I dreamed of living full time on a houseboat (We still do).  So we took our four young sons to look at them.  They were onboard (pun intended) instantly!!!



6.  Make a plan.

Just like you wrote out a financial plan, write out a physical plan of all of the things you need to do to get your dream going.  Look at it everyday.  Keep it on your mind because remember, “What you think about you bring about.”  Make a list of the things you need to accomplish before you can achieve your dream


7.  Start working the plan.

Just start.  Take Baby steps.  Just start and work towards your goal.  Start knocking out the preparations for your dream.  Do something on your list every week or every day if you can even if it is small.  Write it down so you can feel encouraged instead of discouraged because it is taking too long.  Dont’ give up!  Even though it may be taking a while eventually you will get there!!  If you did nothing, then you would never get there so remind yourself that you are doing the things that need to get done so your dream can happen!  You are doing it!!!


8.  Take the Leap of Faith!

You have thought it all out.  You have done your research.  You have seen it in action.  You have your family’s support.  You have done the work.  You have a financial plan in place……LEAP!!!!




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