Hi!  Welcome to my Boho Hippie Chick blog where we are about living a simpler more fulfilling life!  “Work less….Live more” is our theme!!  In this blog I will share my life dreams and take you along in my journey of getting there!!  The fact that you showed up here already says we are of like minds!  You may not even consider yourself a hippe but maybe there is one inside you waiting to come out!

Do you think about life and what it means?  Have you come to the conclusion that “Life is too Short” and you want to make changes to embrace life more? A few years ago I just looked around and asked myself these questions…….What am I doing?  Why am I doing it?  Where am I going?  I found myself working myself to death to maintain a mediocre lifestyle.  “Is this it?” I asked myself.  It’s like I just woke up and realized I longed for something more which actually meant LESS.

I can’t make a specific list of things that will be in this blog but, I can tell you that I will write about things that I know will help us achieve our hippie dreams and have fun along the way.  Please join my group on Facebook “Boho Hippie Chick” or like my page with the same name.  In the group you can add your ideas, projects, artwork, stories and whatever fits.  I like hearing from you!  We are having fun there so far!!

Peace and Love,  Daphne